• 1. Still Alive
    2. Fire (feat. Conan O'Brien, Steven Yeun, Jimin Park)

Still Alive


J.Y. Park, a Dance Singer that makes Korea to Dance, Releases His Digital Single 'Still Alive' on April 10th.

- J.Y. Park, Releases the Title Song ‘Still Alive’ on April 10th! 'It’s JYP as Expected'.
- The new song ‘Still Alive', the Best Hit Song Composer as well as Singer! The Song Emphasizes that He is Still Alive.
- The Other song 'Fire', Will Present Fantastic Collaboration with Conan O'Brien, the Best Talk Show MC in the United States.

Commonly acknowledged as Asia’s representative producer who makes Korea to dance, J.Y. Park releases his digital single ‘Still Alive.

The title of the Digital Single 'Still Alive' released on April 10th, is written and composed by J.Y. Park himself. The song is unique with its intense electronic sound and over 150bpm fast hip-hop beat. Throughout his 21 years after the debut, 44 songs ranked Top 1 among the songs that are written and composed by himself. He was even honored to be the oldest singer to rank Top 1 on Gaon Chart for 2 weeks in a row. The fun lyrics that emphasize how he is still alive even at the age of 44 makes the song more interesting to listen. Since the new song is the fastest song made by J.Y. Park, the new choreography is highly expected to captivate the fans.

Also, the current Single was inspired by the actor Ha Jung-woo’s lines from the movie ‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time(2011)'. The cool rhythm and pleasant melody are combined to entertain everyone. Readily approved by both the film distributor and Ha Jung-woo, the actual voice of Ha Jung-woo from the movie is added in the song as well.

Combination of the 80’s Funky and Rock, the other song 'Fire' has been popularly known already as the special music video collaboration, requested by the famous broadcaster in the United States, Conan O’Brien.
The point of the choreography is to find and enjoy Conan O’Brien’s patent String Dance. In 'Fire' music video, J.Y. Park, Conan O’Brien, and even Steven Yeun from the popular drama ‘Walking Dead’ make an appearance, leading the video more attractive.

Last year, J.Y. Park has received the title of the oldest singer to rank Top 1 on Gaon Chart for 2 weeks in a row and set an unprecedented record with ‘Who’s your mama? (feat. Jessi).’ He has received high praises from the global press such as ‘It’s JYP as expected.’ There is much attention towards another record that the ‘still alive legend’ J.Y. Park will set this time.

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